ÖPPETTIDER:  Monday - Friday 11.00  - 22.00. Saturday 12.30 - 23.00. Sunday 12.30 - 22.00

Welcome to Edsbacka Wärdshus

With the exception of a “short” 111-year break (1872-1983), this tavern has been in operation since 1626, when Gustav II Adolf reigned in Sweden and guests alighted from horse-drawn carriages to enjoy a meal during the journey between Stockholm and Uppsala. Now 21stcentury transport prevails, and though the food is even tastier, the chairs more comfortable and the service even better, the natural beauty of the surroundings remains the same. Located in Sollentuna just 13 kilometres outside Stockholm, Edsbacka Wärdshus is well worth the trip.


EDSBACKA WÄRDSHUS. Sollentunavägen 220, 191 35 Sollentuna. info@edsbacka.nu Telefon + 46 8 580 016 60. FIND US